Rendering Systems

Real-time rendering is our core expertise. We bring with us years of industrial experience in developing GPU-accelerated rendering systems. Nowadays it is common to use a third-party rendering solution. It removes the need to develop and maintain your own rendering engine, reducing final product development time and expenses. Most of those third-party solutions are state-of-the-art rendering engines, which are developed by lots of smart people over many years, making it hard for any home-brewed renderer to compete with them in terms of toolbox features and diversity of supported platforms. The market is full of both open source and commercial 3D/2D graphics engines. Yet, in some software design scenarios, those engines are overkill, or they fail short to provide some very narrow functionality. In some cases those engines are a complete deal-breaker when it comes to designing software with unique requirements. There are two solutions to this problem:

  1. existing, usually open-source, engine source modification
  2. development of custom software built from the ground up.


Both approaches require a high level of expertise both in software development and graphics programming. As computer graphics is a very broad and complex field of computer science, the learning curve is steep and it may become a major bottleneck for a development team in terms of end-product delivery deadlines. Being professionals in the field, we are capable of providing complete customized rendering solutions very quickly and at the highest level of industry standards.

Our programming services include:

  • turnkey real-time rendering solutions across multiple platforms*
  • customization of existing engines to specific needs
  • refactoring/upgrading of an existing rendering engine (e.g. moving the renderer from fixed to programmable pipeline)
  • rendering engine subsystems development (SSAO, PBR, Deferred rendering, Real-time global illumination etc.)

* We currently specialize in Windows, Linux, IOS and Android