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So you are a CEO or CTO at a young and dynamic startup. One day you realize you want to have your own rendering technology. You’re short of time and resources. What do you do? Naturally, you make a call to the HR manager and ask HR to search for a full-time graphics engineer. You would be extremely lucky to find a good one, and find him/her fast. Also, in many cases, a one-man army is not enough. You will have to build a team, a process which is going to be both expensive and time-consuming. Many executives don’t realize how hard it is, and how many pitfalls they may encounter during such a process. Graphics programming is considered a black art in computer science: hard-core maths, complex algorithms, low-level systems access, GPU programming and a multitude of tricks and techniques which you can’t learn from blogs or books. In a world ruled by Java and C# it is less common to find real experts for this sort of task. We provide you with a fast and bulletproof start. Our professionals help you to get GPU technology ready to enter your Research and Development department, while you proceed with business as usual. You receive from us not only state-of-the-art software, but also detailed documentation and training of your personnel so that the technology can be transferred back to your company as seamlessly as possible. It already works well for all our clients so we’re sure it will also work for you!