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Our Services

We provide software development services in the following areas:

Rendering Systems

Low-latency, high-performance GPU-accelerated rendering systems using Vulkan and OpenGL/ES APIs


Big data-oriented applications development using Nvidia CUDA and OpenCL. Algorithms parallelization.

Performance tuning

Move existing software from a fixed to a programmable pipeline. Boost existing serial code with CPU/GPU concurrency. Network data transfer optimization.


Plugins, shaders, game sub-systems, performance-tuning solutions for apps developed with Unity3D and UnrealEngine 4 game engines


"I think of computer science as a liberal art.”-Steve Jobs

"Krios Software" is a software-development company specializing in real-time 3D graphics, game development tools and interactive content creation across multiple platforms. The company was founded by Michael Ivanov in 2015; he brought years of professional experience in top-notch Israeli startups where he filled various positions as a graphics software engineer, advanced rendering technology team lead and independent consultant. Krios Software’s goal is to provide professional services in the field of real-time computer graphics applications’ design and development. Our most valuable asset is people, who are the key to the company's success. We hire only the best talent and make sure it's both technologically challenging and a lot of fun to work on the company's projects. The company Research and Development offices are located in Kiev, Ukraine, with representatives in Israel. If you're a hard-core C, C++ or C# graphics programmer, passionate about working on mind-bending projects, send us your CV in English to: jobs at kriosoftware dot com

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